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Sentinel Infotech is a Custom CMS development company in India having vast amount of knowledge and experience in CMS development. Being a skilled CMS Developmnet company, We offers expert and highly advanced CMS customization services.

Content Management System (CMS) is an application, a website or an online site to update and manage content allows efficient. effective websites and web campaigns require ongoing support, updates, case studies, blogs, updates RSS Feeds, new looks, and forums for products, events, company news and more updates on the website and keep it fresh. And they want it simple and direct.

Our robust Content management system (CMS) provides our customers the freedom they need. Allows you to fully manage the content of your site and keep it updated to perfection. Our brand umbrella web-based CMS covers the entire information architecture and web design that is hosted on servers in high technology. We make it easy for editing and use management tools for maintaining content on web site easily. programming skills or design do not need to organize your site with content of your choice.

Why Sentinel Infotech for CMS customization:

  • Our team has extensive experience in customization, design and installation of websites based on open sources.

  • We have a proven record of successful adaptation and implementation of open source CMS and custom.

  • Our team is fully in line with the online development.

  • We have experienced management team to deal with each project. They also ensure timely delivery of each project.

  • Our custom CMS solutions are easy to use and cost effective.

  • We offer quality and easy to use custom CMS solutions

Unlike open content management systems, our content management systems are customized for each implementation and ensure functionality and usability. With our custom content management system, you no longer have to face high costs, delays and redundancies that come with depending on a third party to edit your site’s content.

Sentinel Infotech offers custom CMS website development services:

  • Various control features

  • Workflow tools

  • Blogging system, Internet forum, and options to create an interactive community website

  • Ability to register and maintain user accounts

  • Logging

  • Descriptive and Search Engine friendly Urls

  • Multi-level menu system

  • Multi-site support

  • Multi-user content creation and editing

  • Advanced search functions

  • Customizable layout

  • RSS-feeds and feed aggregator

  • Flexible account privileges

  • Security/new release update notification

  • Archiving options

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