PPC – Pay Per Click Campaign

Pay Per Click Campaign / marketing is a great way to quickly get your site in front of potential customers. Skillfully handled the location of PPC search engine marketing can save a lot of money and drastically increase your profitability.

Salary Sentinel Infotech s’ for management professionals click apply control campaign (or pay per click offer advice) so that the message reaches the widest possible audience. Pay per click, SEO and other search marketing strategies support each other to generate revenue before and after the natural search engine rankings. These powerful marketing services can help you begin to build a strong customer today.

Keyword Search:

The first step in SEO, PPC and other search marketing strategies to find the best possible keywords you are searching for is used to identify products or services. Keyword research is crucial right for online success. Sentinel Infotech Pay Per Click Campaign services can help you choose the right keywords that will convert visitors into paying customers. Carefully target your campaign from the beginning will save you money and ensure greater success.

  • More effective

  • Mid implementation

  • Low performance¬†

Competitive Analysis:

Who should know the keywords you want? How many companies are competing for the same round? What is competition? They are losing the opportunities that can be drawn? They are doing something you can do better? Our Pay Per Click Campaign services team takes a detailed look at the competitive market for the keywords you choose and help you develop strategies to reach the top of the charts and stay there.

Sponsored Search Ads:

Pay-per-click ads are the sponsored links that appear above or to the right of natural search. PPC can generate immediate online visibility. This type of campaign should be treated with care and marketing specialist to help you create and manage cost-effective strategy for profitable return on investment. We can also effectively combine SEO, Pay Per Click Campaign and other methods to increase impact and sales.

Contextual Advertising:

Contextual advertising is to deliver the right message on the website right. This policy puts the ads that appear on the site rather than on search results on search engines. Sentinel Info Tech will help you set up and manage contextual ads to target the right customers right sites.


We can make the most of pay per click optimization proposal closely studying website analysis and make appropriate adjustments. We will examine the statistics and information relating to the site to determine the effectiveness of keywords. We provide the initial installation and provide professional advice and recommendations for improving paid search marketing campaign.

Display / Key Performance Indicators (KPI):

Sentinel Info Tech provides monthly reports to all customers. The reports contain a detailed account of key performance indicators of your website in order to evaluate the effectiveness of Pay Per Click Campaign.


Where data is collected, it is necessary to analyze the results. PPC exceeds our data on a daily basis. This review provides daily trends are identified early on to improve campaign results. With advanced reporting engine, the data slice and diced like a key data.


How keywords are tested will be appropriate levels of availability possible. supply levels will be determined for each keyword based on performance. This will ensure that budget dollars are spent effectively. periodic optimization of keywords and ad text will help you save dollars and enable you to raise your bids in the top results and test new keywords and initiative